You will learn how to:

  • Identify the posture you bring to your donor relationships: subservient, managing, or missional.

  • Clarify the way your relationship with money drives your relationship with donors.

  • Practice with tools that shift your posture toward donors in the moment.

  • Prepare for more effective donor meetings.

Your instructor

  • Dan Reed

    Dan Reed

    CEO, Seed Fundraisers

    With a desire to actively unite people with stories beyond themselves, Dan has served as a professional fundraiser for over 15 years. For causes ranging from public education to the advancement of free enterprise to animal health, he’s helped organizations raise over $50 million dollars in private philanthropy. Regardless of the cause, Dan’s core conviction remains: fundraisers serve culture as intentional catalysts for generosity. In 2015, he launched Seed Fundraisers to re-orient, train, and coach fundraisers to achieve organizational results, greater occupational satisfaction, and ultimately, lasting cultural impact. Previously, Dan worked in a variety of fundraising roles for National Right to Work Committee, Denver Public Schools Foundation, and as Chief Development Officer for Morris Animal Foundation. Dan’s passion for philanthropy has guided his conviction for the occupation of fundraisers and the belief that fundraisers serve the world as intentional catalysts of generosity. After calling Denver home for the last 15 years, Dan and his family have returned to his hometown in Pittsburgh. He loves poetry, spirited discussions, the crafts of Kentucky, hockey, cocktails, and big dogs.